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3VK is a body and skin care brand from Thailand which was founded in 2023. 3VK is here with the main goal of helping everyone get natural beauty for their body and skin. With that goal, we present products that contain the best and natural ingredients.

Produced with high technology to produce quality products that are beneficial for the skin and body. We believe by presenting high quality products, everyone can get the coveted natural beauty in a healthy and harmless way.


Our first series that has been released on the market,

3VK Miss Sunflower

With the main ingredient Sunflower Oil in each product which is useful for helping to moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation of the skin. In this first series, we launched 5 main products : day lotion, night lotion, body scrub, shower gel, also body & face serum. All of these products are safe for everyday use and are equipped with an FDA number, so you don't need to worry about their function and quality.